He told a story about us!

[A Linn-Mar elementary student was asked to do a writing project based on “What I like (person or thing).” He shared his paper with us.

Marion Cares

The reason I like Marion Cares is because of TxT, Game Night, and Trunch or Treat.

I like TxT because we do fun activeties as a team. And learn new things about God and Jesus. And then we pray to God. Then we eat food that volunteers make. And then we thank them for cooking and surving it to us.

I like Game Night because we can do arts and crafts whith glidder, marckers, and construction paper. And we can play fun games on the computers. Their is an air hockey table and a foosball table to play on but nobody really plays foosball. And in the kitchen there is popcorn, pop tarts, grennilla bars, juice, and hot chocolate.

I like Trunck or Treat because it’s kind of like Holloween. Only you get clothing and winter supplys. Of course you still get candy. And you get little gift bags with Bathroom supply’s. And there is food and Drinks.

And that is why I like Marion Cares.

Preston (Linn-Mar Student)