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Our Community.

Our community is stronger when every member has their basic needs met. One of the most important basic needs is safe housing. We help Marion residents with rent assistance when they are facing eviction. We provide care coordination to navigate the network of agencies and services in our area.

Our program is for one-time, one-month emergency assistance.  If you need more assistance, please call Waypoint 319-377-7999 and leave a voicemail.  This is the intake number for all Linn County programs so you do not need to call each individual agency.

If you are in need of emergency housing assistance or shelter.

If you are interested in financially supporting families and students in need, click below to donate.

If you would like to volunteer.

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We’re on a mission to make a real impact for our kids and families in the Marion Community by providing basic services, spreading love, breaking down barriers, and creating equal opportunities for those in need.

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