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Open Position – Program Coordinator

Marion Care is seeking to hire a new Program Coordinator.


Dedicated Site:  Squaw Creek

$15/hour, with a maximum of 16 hours in a two-week pay period

Scheduled Tuesday 3:45-5:00 Lead activity, game, or craft (materials provided by Curriculum Developer) 

Additional hours may include communication with parents/caregivers, volunteer management tasks, etc.


An effective Program Coordinator will oversee faith or social-skills based programming for children living in low income neighborhoods in Marion.  The Program Coordinator will be expected to expand Marion Cares programming within current sites.

The Program Coordinator must have a passion for and genuine interest in children’s ministry and development of faith formation in the children of our community.  The skills necessary for this position include the ability to listen to and communicate effectively with people of all ages, faith backgrounds, and socio-economic status.  This leader must be gifted in responding to the hopes and concerns of children and families in our community.


  • Must work all hours scheduled, unless arranged with Executive Director to cover shift with a substitute
  • Build trusting relationships, convey expectations, and follow through with appropriate consequences
  • Manage student attendance and behavior incentive programs 
  • Communicate with parents/caregivers 
  • Coordinate, train, track, and communicate with volunteers
  • Survey needs of program sites (ie: cleaning/maintenance/supplies) and arrange for fulfilling need
  • Meet as needed with other Marion Cares employees


  • Prior experience in working with children, self-motivated, ability to work with children with challenging behaviors, have a PASSION for Marion Cares and its mission

Interested candidates may submit a resume to Rachael Kumoto, Marion Cares Director of Community Engagement, at [email protected].


Ready to be part of Marion Cares?

Interested candidates may submit a cover letter and resume to Chris Thomas, Marion Cares Board President

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